2019 Meeting Schedule

1.       Dr. Shannon Humphrey
Hyaluronic Acid intradermal micro-injections for complexion enhancement
2.       Dr. Roy Geronemus
Microcoring for Skin Tightening and Scar Improvement.
3.       Dr. Mitchel Goldman
Cosmetic improvement in wrinkling and elastosis is enhanced with Glucoprime cream which activates cellular pattern recognition receptors to defend against pathogenic microorganisms and accelerate tissue repair in combination with fractional ablative laser resurfacing.
4.       Dr. Christopher Zachary
Pending title- will have on his payment form
5.       Dr. Paul Friedman
Long-Pulsed Dye Laser Combined with Topical Oxymetazoline for Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea
6.       Dr. Harold Brody
Augmentation and eversion of lips without injections: the lip peel
7.       Dr. David McDaniel
Melanocytes can “see”: Newly discovered receptors for blue light control pigmentations
8.       Dr. Robert Weiss
Wavelength transformation in picosecond domains
9.       Dr. Margaret Weiss
Side effects of absorbable lifting sutures
10.   Dr. Richard Bennett
Peculiar Histologic Appearance of Over the Counter Polymer Hemostatic Agents on Mohs Frozen Sections
11.   Dr. Kevin Smith
Phone “live photo” feature provides a burst of images, allowing the movement of maximal or minimal contraction in pre and post BTX-A imaging to be selected for research or for clinical photography
12.   Dr. Sue Ellen Cox
Early-onset Pathergy Following Hyauronic Acid Filler Injections
13.   Dr. Marina Landau
Vision Loss Due to Filler
14.   Dr. Derek Jones
How Long Might HA Fillers Last?
15.   Dr. Gary Monheit
A Re-Examination of Glabellar Toxin Injections
16.   Dr. Kristen Kelly
Q-switched Laser Induced Chrysiasis